Imperial Lates are our after-hours events exploring cutting-edge science and engineering at Imperial in creative ways. Be inspired and join us for an evening of discovery as our researchers share the wonder of what they do.

Attendees at Imperial Lates looking at colourful conical flasks.Our Imperial Lates give you the chance to bring out your inner child and have fun with our research, as well as explore and discuss the major issues of the day with our scientists and engineers. Join us for a drink or two as we explore a different theme each night.

Open to all, anyone with a curious mind is welcome to get hands-on with our research, brought to life through live demonstrations, creative workshops, interactive experiments, inspiring talks and more.

Our 19/20 series is over but we'll be back in September with another fantastic line-up of inspiring science and engineering. Check out the 19/20 series below.

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Woman at an Imperial Lates event making an origami virus.

Past events

Beautiful Data – 12 March

Data, data everywhere... This most precious of commodities has delivered breakthroughs in medicine and patient care, expanded our understanding of the universe and makes our lives easier by training household devices to know what we like. But at this Lates, we asked: what does a data-driven world really look like? And what are the implications for our privacy? Download the full Imperial Lates - Beautiful Data_Programme‌ to find out about this event.

Future Commuter – 13 February

If you’ve ever experienced the joys of the London commute or worried about the carbon footprint of a summer getaway, you may have wondered what the future of transport might deliver. Our scientists and engineers showcased the probabilities of our future mobility and our expert panel questioned whether driverless cars are a good idea. See the Imperial Lates programme - Future Commuter.

Winter Wonderlab – 5 December

Celebrating the chillier side of science. We explored low-temperature physics, the freezing cold of outer space, arctic surveys and glaciology, as well as all manners of sub-zero chemistry. Download the Winter Wonder Lab Event Guide‌.

Infectious - 12 November

Our scientists were on hand to enthrall audiences with all things infectious from superbugs to a zombie apocalypse. Attendees met people on the frontline in the fight against infectious diseases. See the full Imperial Lates Programme - Infectious.

Science without borders - 9 October

Our globetrotting, ocean-crossing and jungle-trekking community of worldly scientists shared stories of exploration and adventure: from new, low-cost prosthetics engineered in Cambodia and diet monitoring wearable tech trialed in Ghana. Download the Imperial Lates Science without borders programme‌.

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The Lates series is run by the College’s Public Engagement team and represents one way in which Imperial is committed to inspiring others and empowering wider society through engagement with science, technology, engineering and maths. But we can't do it alone! These events are made possible by the amazing support of our volunteer community.

If you’d like to be a part of the Imperial Lates volunteering team, head over to our volunteering page for more information.

Imperial staff and students can propose an activity for an upcoming Imperial Lates event by filling in this short proposal form.